Furniture & Eletronics Appliances

Al Manar is distinguished for its financing services and unique improved advantages that are provided for the public. Among these services is to satisfy the customers’ needs for furniture, household, electronics and electrical devices. You will just need to go to your preferred supplier and obtain all your needs with ease and comfort.

Benefits of this Service:
  • No down payment.
  • Sufficient grace period for the first instalment.
  • Optional payment methods.
  • Monthly instalments up to 60 months.
  • Speed and ease in completing transaction when credit terms are fulfilled.
Documents Required from Individuals:
  • Civil identification card [Civil I.D].
  • Recent salary certificate.
  • Authorized signature for the public authority for manpower [private sector].
  • Bank account statement for last three months.
  • Passport [Non-Kuwaiti Customers].
Documents Required from Corporates:
  • Memorandum of association [Foundation Contract] with amendments [if available].
  • Memorandum basic laws [Shareholding Companies].
  • Certificate of names of board members [Shareholding Companies].
  • Minutes of meeting General Assembly on validity of borrowing of Governing Council [Shareholding Companies].
  • Company partner[s] civil identification card [Civil I.D].
  • Company’s non-Kuwaiti partner[s] passport.
  • Commercial license.
  • Commercial registration.
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry certificate.
  • Company information letter issued by Ministry of Commerce & Industry.
  • Civil Information department document.
  • Authorized signature for the public authority for manpower.
  • Company’s bank statement for a minimum of six months.
  • Last 3yrs certified annual financial report.
  • Company’s C.V [if Available]
  • Contracts concluded with the company [if Available].