Post Sale Services

  • To-Whom-It-May-Concern Certificat

    An official letter that shows the liability balance of the customer or guarantor up till the date of issuance.

    Fee: K.D. 2
  • Discharge Certificate

    An official letter issued after settlement of liability.

    Free for First Time
  • Standing Order Creation Request

    Request to establish a standing order with the customer’s bank because of changing bank or cancellation of previous standing order. This request is made ready for the customer to sign and approve by the bank.

    Free for First Time
  • Standing Order Cancellation Request

    Request to cancel a standing order from the customer’s bank due to closed or transferred liability.

    Free for First Time
  • Mobile Collector Request

    For better service, you can request this service of mobile collector to visit you at a place of your choice and at the time you prefer to collect your installments in cash or by check against an official receipt.