Mohammed Hamad Al-Rabiah

Local Investment Manager

Mr. Mohammed possesses extensive experience in the field of investment, both in the stock market and local real estate development. He has held several prominent positions in various companies, including:

- Former Board Member of Aqar Real Estate Investment Company, where he made valuable contributions to the development and management of real estate investments.

- Board Member of Noor Al-Salhiyah Real Estate Company, where he contributed to setting strategies and making important decisions to enhance performance and achieve growth.

- Vice Chairman at Reebal Real Estate Company, where he played a key role in guiding the company towards its objectives and developing its real estate projects.

Mr. Mohammed Hamad Al-Rabiah's experience in these companies and the positions he has held reflect his investment capabilities and extensive knowledge in financial and real estate sectors. He possesses strategic vision, smart decision-making abilities, and analytical skills, making him an added value to any company seeking to enhance its success and achieve its goals in the investment and real estate development field.